“Expressing Success Through Our Logo”

The shapes and colours in our logo.

The word ATSA, representing our firm, in our logo was designed to shape as four rings that symbolise the evolution in ATSA for the past two decades which has progressively positioned ATSA to be amongst the top architecture firm in Malaysia. The rings also represent the culture in ATSA which focuses on our dynamic teamwork of our employees, striving to produce quality services and bridging partnership with our clients to ensure success in every project.

We ascribe the color blue to represent our commitment towards our firm’s mission to continuously create designs that are excellent and innovative (Kaizen).

ATSA Architects' mission is to design buildings with "Genius loci" in mind, the spirit of a place that evokes oneness with our buildings, the people and the environment; a true sense of belonging that espouses “utilitas, firmitas ,venustas" ("utility, attractiveness, stability"). “Zeitgeist”; the “Spirit of Time” plays an important part in our designs to invoke the age and time that we live in.

The colour green in our logo represents our efforts moving towards the implementation of sustainable design in all our projects and aspire to become the exemplary architecture firm that adopts to the “2030 Challenge”.

The colour yellow represents the golden years of our existence for the past two decades. It shines with optimism, enlightenment and promise of a positive future. It reflects our readiness to challenge ourselves further to achieve excellence and to be competitive in facing tomorrow's challenges towards a sustainable future for decades to come.