eATSA 05/2012
Greetings again and Happy New Year.

My Greetings to all and I sincerely hope that it is not too late for me to wish everyone a Happy New Year 2012 and Happy Chinese New Year. It is a dragon year again and I was recently reminded that the last Dragon year was in the year 2000, or more commonly known as the new millennia. Every 12 years, we look forward to this special year as it holds new beginnings and said to be a very prosperous year too. I am pleased to be writing ATSA’s newsletters and having it issued quarterly excites me as I will be able to share all the happenings in ATSA with our communities and clients. I envisage that this newsletter can also be a platform for information sharing, networking and paving the way towards the betterment of the industry as a whole.

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“Architecture Firm…. Why Not?”

This year has been a special time in our company’s history. As I have announced in my previous notes from the January newsletter, we are celebrating our 20th anniversary of its founding. Few firms have achieved this milestone, and our ability to endure is a testament to our client relationships, our dedicated and talented people and sustainable practices. Looking back, I am really glad and grateful to the Almighty that I took this decision back in 1992, to start ATSA Architects. This success could not be realized without the devoted support from my partners Zulqaisar and Yee Teck Choon. Nevertheless, is my endless gratitude towards my family, especially to my mother,without her help, ATSA may not exist.

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Design Proposal

Manipal International University, Nilai Campus
School of Engineering Manipal University is part of a big campus that will cater for many different facilities. The university is located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan and part of Kuala Lumpur Education hub.

Under Construction

Dhiraagu Head Office, Male, Republic of Maldives
Dhiraagu Head Office in Maldives will be the country's main telecommunication office building. It is 8 storey high with the built up of 100,000 sqft.

Recent Travels (Courtesy from Azim)
Santorini Island, Greece
Santorini, is an island in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km (120 mi) southeast from Greece's mainland. It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago which bears the same name and it is  the remnants of a volcanic caldera. In 2001 Santorini has a population of 13,670.

Santorini is essentially what remains after an enormous volcanic explosion that destroyed the earliest settlements, on a formerly single island, and created the current geological caldera. A giant central, rectangular lagoon, which measures about 12 by 7 km (7.5 by 4.3 mi), is surrounded by 300 m (980 ft) high, steep cliffs on three sides. The main island slopes downward to the Aegean Sea. On the fourth side, the lagoon is separated from the sea by another much smaller island called Therasia. The caldera being 400m deep makes it possible for most  ships to anchor anywhere in the protected bay.  The capital, Fira, clings to the top of the cliff looking down on the lagoon.
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